March 29th Tasting
Jackson Family Winery

Hillsides, ridges, benches and slopes. That is where Jess Jackson, our husband, father, grandfather and founder believed grew the finest wine grapes for the most exceptional wines in the world. It is here that we began our journey of wine, family, artistry, and responsible winemaking.

February 22nd Tasting
Muscedere Vineyards

Muscedere Vineyards is a family owned and operated vineyard which hand-harvests only the best grapes from our vineyard to produce premium wines. 
We take great pride in caring for and nurturing all aspects of the vineyard and winery with a relentless enthusiasm for producing fine wines.
At Muscedere Vineyards we believe that wines are made in the vineyard from meticulous vineyards techniques. We believe in small hand-crafted lots that allow us to treat each variety in each vintage with the utmost of attention and care to ensure true varietal character in each wine we release. Our commitment to quality is evidenced in our final products.