April 29th Tasting - F. Alonzi Wines & Spirits

F. Alonzi Wines & Spirits, based in Concord, Ontario is dedicated to importing fine wines from wineries that show both, passion and dedication in the art of making fine wines and other fine Italian products from various regions of Italy. 

To date, we represent 14 notable wineries with over 100 products of exceptional and distinctive wines, as well as Limoncello, Liquors and Grappa. Each of our products expresses the unique character and culture of the various regions they represent. In addition to our fine wines, we’re also importers of Italy’s number one rice for making “Risotto” from Riseria Ferron in Verona, Italy, founded in 1650, as well as, rice flour and other organic and gluten-free products. We also carry unique olive oils from the Umbria Region Organic 10+ years of aged Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy; and Sea Salt from Cervia.